Friday, April 30, 2010

Lessons to learn

It's been a satisfying week. I worked the day job all week, took today off, finished 3 new pieces (before & after pics to come)....and discovered that I don't know how to market myself.

For instance, while I feel as though I'm developing an eye for yard sale and flea market items, and can turn the things I find into something appealing, why did I think that a crappy, ugly little sign two streets away from my house would entice people to come and look at my wares??

I find this surprising, since my day job is sales & marketing. Apparently I separated my two lives with way to large a divider. I do know how to sell. I know how to market. However I apparently struggle with selling and marketing myself.

I need to think about this and figure out how to transfer the skills from my day job to my non-day job. Advice welcome!!


  1. there is such a science in the whole garage sale/yard sale culture...I plan on blogging on it soon (like I am some kind of expert or something) anyway, some awsome finds there!!!
    Sophie says Hey! well, its more 'snort, snort, sniff, but it means Hey!

  2. Thanks Queen...looking forward to it!! In the process of creating better signs...

  3. I understand you so well....
    It is so hard to be a good marketer for yourself.
    I find etsy tips and advices very helpful. Do you read them?
    I use to read one article a week and try to follow the tips for this week.
    I also found it helpful to write down what I do, to set myself objectives and check them once a month. It helped me focus my efforts and be able to measure myself rather than just 'feel' if I'm on the right direction.
    Also try this book: Craft, Inc.: Turn Your Creative Hobby into a Business.

    Hope that can be a little help!... xoxo

  4. Thanks Galit!! While I am plowing through Etsy's resources, I have not yet checked that site out, so thank you for bumping it up on my radar! I like your idea about objectives as well...appreciated!