Sunday, May 2, 2010

Before and after

I finally remembered to take some before and after photos. These chairs were a challenge, but not nearly as difficult as the small table which had a surface which wasn't ready for painting. That was not fun! I gave it a light sanding, but the legs have some detail, and I couldn't get at the entire surface. What a nightmare! The new paint dissolved the old paint, and I ended up having to strip all the legs (that is not nearly as sexy as it sounds). Once I had the new paint & most of the old paint off, the legs were a little more cooperative, and I got a few coats on them. Whew! All worth it, the table has the cutest little shape, and it's now a sunny yellow instead of faded, scratched black lacquer. Pics soon! I will probably stay away from lacquered pieces with detail in the future. Oh sure, I say that now!

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