Sunday, May 23, 2010

Picking in NJ!

Happy Sunday Everyone! Despite the raw Sunday weather, I was able to do some junking, as well as add to my inventory this weekend. I found a box of mis-matched dishes, which was sold to me by a lovely woman (pic below), who gave me a lower price because I was buying them for myself, and not as a dealer. They had been in her family for at least two generations, and were originally purchased in Jersey City. I fell in love with them (and they owner)...aren't they beautiful??

While looking at a collection of milk glass, I came across the exact globe that I broke last week on my own milk glass lamp. I was so excited that I bought it without measuring...mistake, of course!! I don't care, it works for now!

Here's my favorite find of the weekend...purchased from a garage sale on the street where I grew up! The sellers know my parents...good thing I was polite! I just love these vintage doorknobs. I hope I know how to install them!

I finally took a deep breath and foraged into re-upholstering...starting with a simple chair. I am so happy with the upholstered chair is safe from me now!!! The painted chair is available on my Etsy shop...the unpainted chair below is mine...I re-did the seat & am keeping it :) My kids may need to hide my staple gun!!

I didn't do my weekly flea market display this weekend because the weather wasn't great, and because my daughter specifically asked me to spend some time with her. We went out to breakfast, then watched "It's Complicated"...a movie I highly recommend, by the way!

My plan is to have a "Shop Sale" over the holiday weekend, so any local NJ fans, stay posted! Details will be on my Facebook page:!/pages/Central-New-Jersey/Mona-Kay-at-Home/106665109371729

Have a great week!
Mona Kay


  1. What beautiful dinnerware! And those doorknobs - a fantastic score (they cost a mint in salvage shops). Very cute chairs!