Monday, May 3, 2010


I am so excited about my new sign for my shows and displays! Please check out my talented friend's shop Romantic Planet. She created this beautiful sign as a custom order at my request, and I just love it! It fits in perfectly with my items, and really dresses up my displays. I would have liked to include a picture with my weekend sale, but it was 91 degrees in NJ, and I barely did anything but sit at my sale and wait for potential customers, so I will have to take one at a show that doesn't feel like it's on the surface of the sun!

So about my sale (in my driveway)...I mentioned that I am not good at marketing myself. Some of my followers were kind enough to send me some resources, and now that I have some inventory, I can re-focus my attention to marketing. My daughter is majoring in finance, and is helping me with some ideas for finding my audience, and my son is assisting me with my Facebook page. Customers should be beating down my door any minute now!