Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The one (okay, two) that got away :(

So, as I'm continuing to pick through estate sales and yard sales, I'm trying to develop my eye...that is, to determine what is valuable, what I can use, and also, what I like for myself. I've purchased a couple of "what was I thinking" items, and let a couple go that I'm kicking myself over. Prime example...the vintage sofa. Any vintage collector who may read this will want to strangle me, I'm sure!

The sofa was a beautiful discontinued Ethan Allen dark wood trimmed piece, upholstered in a dark pink rose pattern on a white background. It was beautifully worn/aged, and in great shape. I won't even tell you the price they were asking, because it makes me want to cry every time I think about it. I didn't think I had room in my house, & it doesn't go with my current decor (although I see that changing soon) time I won't be so quick to turn my back on a piece that I love!

The second piece is the cupboard in the picture, and the picture doesn't do it justice because it had beautiful doors as well as a "hatch" opening above the drawers. They had those pieces in their garage. Let me just say that I tried like crazy!! I talked to them for 20 minutes after I bought every small piece of furniture they were selling. First they told me that someone else was interested. I said "well, if they try to talk you down on price, remember that I'm willing to pay your asking price!" Phone numbers were exchanged. I called the next day & left a message, saying that I would increase my offer, but got no call back. Finally I called yesterday and spoke to the owner, who told me that her mother had decided not to sell the piece. I increased my offer, but to no avail. Nothing like introducing interest to make an owner fall back in love with something they planned to sell!!!

Next time I'll be more aggressive, & try to walk away WITH the pieces! I'm learning a lot...and part of what I learned is that you don't always talk someone down on the price...sometimes you have to go higher if you don't want to lose a piece! All a learning experience I suppose...

If anyone who reads this post has any information on the age of the cupboard, I would love to hear from you. It was estimated at about 80 yrs old at least.

I'd also love tips on acquiring pieces if anyone has any! Thanks!!


  1. it's a beauty, but i better not be too enthousiastic :) Next time you might want to try the "if you really want to get rid if it, i'll do you a pleasure"-tactics...

  2. That is such a good idea...I really had no poker face at all :) Lesson for next time!