Thursday, April 22, 2010

"The Find" is a great find!! must read...the book, that is!

I was browsing the book store for books on flea markets & vintage decorating, and I came across The Find. I can't put it down! Not only is it great information on flea markets and tips on what to buy and what to pass up, but the pictures of flea market & thrift store finds are to die for!

Also, there is a forward by Charles King, founder of Housing Works. Please check out this wonderful site about thrift shops which provide a tremendous amount of support and resources including new life skills, for people with AIDS.

It was a good day in the book store...I also found a book on repairing and restoring furniture, and on vintage flea market finds :)


  1. I recently borrowed this book from my local library, I know, surprising that they had a current popular book! I agree, it's a great book. I'm new to this blog world as well and recently empty nested, yikes, there went my tech support!
    How brave of you to take up sewing "at your age", sorry, I'm older, trying to be funny. I've been sewing for 40 years and have had sewing machines bring me to tears of frustration. Hope yours continues to behave.
    Looking forward to following your blog.

  2. Suzanne: My mom can't believe I'm finally sewing either!! :) She tried to teach me decades ago, & I just wasn't interested. That learning readiness took a while!

    Enjoy your blog...I'll check it out today. Stop by often!!

  3. Aren't book stores the best? When my kids were little, hubs knew that I needed my weekly Barnes & Noble moment. Me, a stack of books, coffee, and all was well with the world. Enjoy your new finds.

  4. Sounds like heaven to me!! I'm trying to save the rest of the book for Sunday when it's going to rain, but I keep peeking ;)