Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well, I changed the bobbin on my machine with a bobbin I wound, and I SWEAR I threaded everything the way my friend showed me...and I didn't touch the tension on anything. But the knots are showing on the bottom of the fabric, so I know something is wrong, and I don't want to finish my pillows with the stitching looking like it does.

I have no furniture to paint because nothing is ready...everything needs sanding, and it's too late to sand (too noisy). It's going to rain tomorrow and Saturday...frustrating!!

Well, I can probably sand one of the smaller pieces on Saturday and paint it...and maybe I'll figure out the sewing machine. If anyone has any trouble-shooting tips about my bobbin problem...please let me know!! In the mean time, the pillows will probably have to wait until my mom gets home from Florida & can help me.


  1. It's probably something to do with how you threaded it. Just one little missed spot will screw it all up-very frustrating! Hope you can get it fixed soon!

  2. Adrienne, you're the best! I completely re-threaded everything, and it works! Thanks :)