Saturday, April 24, 2010

This "find" is ALL MINE!!

I found some truly fabulous pieces in the last two days, including the cabinet in the picture, for which I had great plans until I realized that I had fallen in love with it just as it was, and would not be selling it. Can you blame me?? Isn't it gorgeous?? I also found a beautiful small oriental (not real) rug with guessed it...the same blue as the cabinet, and cream as the walls behind the cabinet. Two finds for me :)

Also..... it's official. I can continue going to garage sales, but I am flagged from buying any more pieces for a while. Unless I find something irresistible...however, I walked away from three pieces today, so I will hopefully be okay. The reason for my self-inflicted limit? I have run out of room! The picture with the four pieces is in my front hall!! Luckily I am going to use the rainy Sunday to organize the garage, and I just got an estimate on a shed. I need it!

Finally, if anyone ever needs to move furniture, I HIGHLY recommend these little slip them under the legs of your furniture, and they slide across carpet like MAGIC!! I don't know what I'd have done today without them!

Wish me luck in finding room for all this great stuff! I excited to start working on them!



  1. Oh Wow! The cabinet is gorgeous. Can't wait to move to the US later this year and (re)stock the house. I've had to sell off all my treasures do to the cost of moving them all. Monique (Original Mischief)

  2. Great to hear from you Monique, and I just began following your blog. Where are you moving in the US??

  3. Lovely have a great affinity for blue as I do! I'll have to send you over a pick of a blue bedroom in my home. Oh & another great aide for moving heavy items in a pinch is towels. Just slip them under the legs & you have a no scratch glide :)

  4. the cabinet is indeed amazing! i love the soft colour.