Friday, August 27, 2010

Okay, here they are!! Two garage sales in NJ, both are on Craigslist. The one on Woodrow Road is a block-garage sale....YIPEE!!!

The other one includes a shed full of collectibles. That's enough to get me up and out early with my coffee!!

Have fun...see you out there!!

Mona Kay

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  1. Hi Mona- thanks for stopping by our Block-Wide Yard sale on Woodrow Rd!! We all had a great day and hopefully many people found some lovely treasures! I am going to try and shoot for making this an annual event so hopefully we'll see larger collections and more homes joining us next year! Keep an eye out and thanks again!
    Anna Piatek-Rodrigues (13 Woodrow Rd)
    PS Can't wait to see the pics! My son is asking how he looks LOL