Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vintage HEAVEN! The Tomato Factory in Hopewell, NJ

Did you ever walk into a place and think, "Who here knows me??" I walked into a shop today and literally stopped in my tracks. It was filled with such vintage eye-candy, that I didn't even go right in...I turned around to find the owner and get permission to blog about the shop.

The Tomato Factory is an antiques consortium on Somerset Street in Hopewell, NJ. I have driven through Hopewell many times on my way to Lambertville NJ and New Hope PA, and for some reason, I have never stopped. On a tip from my sister, I decided to check it out goes without saying that I'm glad I did!!

"Vintage" comes in so many forms, from clothing to dishes, to decor, to furniture, and while I love it all, I have developed a real thing for "kitchen vintage". The items in this booth were all so delicious, I actually asked the owner if they were reproductions. They were not, of course. Fritz, the owner who was at the booth today (it's a co-op) told me that he simply collects from EVERYWHERE! He is truly the Keith Johnson of kitchen vintage.

I could (and plan to) spend a whole day looking at the linens alone. I also cannot WAIT to come back and go through the bins and bins of silver! I'll bring my sister along for that, as her collection is responsible for my new fascination.

The Tomato Factory has several additional booths of wonderful items - I bought some beautiful vintage handkerchiefs from one featuring picture frames and small furniture. Check out their website for directions, hours, a list of dealers, and more. I know I'll be going back very soon!!

'Til next time...happy picking!

Mona Kay


  1. Oh. My. Gosh! That's it.... NJ instead of WI! ;) Monique xx

  2. Too sweet...we'd love to have you!! Safe travels & moving...

  3. That does look like it! I just love it when you happen to find something like this sure makes my day ;)

  4. Truly the most delicious serendipity Arlene!!

  5. Oh my word, what a great place. Yep, I would have had a little party with the vintage fabric. :)

  6. That shop is adorable!!! Thanks for following and for the sweet comments. I am following you back. Great site!
    Bonnie :)