Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Golden Nugget - a Collector's Dream in New Jersey

Once again, it was HOT this weekend in New Jersey!! Anyone who spent any time outside knows that it was borderline dangerous. What better time for my sister and I to go to an outside flea market??

The Golden Nugget
flea market is right on the Delaware River in scenic Lambertville, NJ, and is one of my favorite places to search for treasures. Parking is a little tricky, especially if you get there on the later side, but I have always found a space, and it has always been worth the challenge. I lost my sister early on - well, I didn't exactly lose her because I knew exactly where she was...looking at all the silver.

There were other booths which had bins of silver-plated flatware for $1 each. We spent a LOT of time there. One of my favorites, however, was N.V. Silver & Antiques, run by Pamela. She also has a store up on a hill behind the flea market grounds. My sister found these items, and the gentleman running the booth was kind enough to let me take a picture (I hope you can make out the gesture that the forks are giving):

My favorite items were the spoon key chains...I bought three! I also picked up a beautiful sterling silver spoon ring, and believe me, I will be going back for more. I have 10 fingers!!

This gentleman specializes in old books. He told me that most of the other vendors will send customers his way, because he is basically the authority in this area. He's there every week.

My favorite vendor at this flea market is a gentleman named Pat. I met Pat when I first began refinishing furniture because I needed vintage drawer pulls, & decided to look at the Golden Nugget.

Pat's booth is a smorgasbord of crystal doorknobs and drawer pulls, vintage drawer pulls, skeleton keys, decorative metal escutcheons (had to ask my sister about that one - it's the decorative plate that covers a keyhole), and many other interesting items.

Pat told me that he has many different types of customers - some buy the keys and other small items to make jewelery, some, like my sister, have antique furniture with locks and no keys. Here's Pat showing her some skeleton keys:

Pat is there every weekend, and I am a regular..he always seems to have something that I need or want. Look for the bins of keys, drawer pulls, and door knobs, and you have found him!

We barely notice the heat, there were so many things to see! We both bought some small, but fabulous furniture, and some collectibles we had to have...a tiny silver-topped salt cellar for my sister and a silver "butler" bell for me. Here’s what the dashboard said when we got back to the car:

The funny thing is...I'm pretty sure I'll be back next week! Maybe I'll see you there...
What did you find/discover/create this weekend??

Mona Kay


  1. Looks like fun! Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. I will be sure to check back with you often. Lots of interesting stuff and amazing vintage. Looking forward to getting to know you (:

  2. Thanks Lois! Looking forward to getting to know you too!

  3. First of all great to meet you in the blog world! Thanks for stopping by mine. I grew up a few miles from Ye Olde Golden Nugget flea mkt. I have not been in ages. I think it went through a phase in the 90's where everyone was trying to sell all new mdse. Glad to see it's back to it's roots. Maybe we can do coffee in Lambertville someday!