Saturday, July 10, 2010

How To Spot a Garage Sale Diva

1. You can’t remember the last time you slept in on a Saturday between May and October
2. You drive through your neighborhood at the end of the week at 10 mph checking out all the telephone posts.
3. No one who knows you asks you what you have planned for the weekend.
4. You completely empty your car every Friday night.
5. “Junk” is one of your favorite words.
6. Friends who own trucks have stopped taking your calls on the weekends.
7. Friends who are searching for something specific ALWAYS take your calls on weekends.
8. Family members hide around mid day when you pull your packed car into the driveway.
9. Craigslist is your best friend
10. You need to have a garage sale for your garage sale finds.

When did you realize you were a Garage Sale Diva?


  1. I love it! hahaha, made me laugh out loud! You are THE dive of garage sales :)

  2. Thanks Arlene! I knew what you meant :) ALL of us who are collectors (of anything) are divas at heart!!

  3. I realised I was a garage sale Diva when my friends ring me after the weekend to see what's in MY garage! lol Monique xx

  4. Monique, too funny!! My sister took a "pick" through mine this weekend & told me she felt like she got her antiques fix...even though it was mostly moving upside-down chairs around to look at the tables under them :)

  5. I have a confession, I've been through Garage Sale AA! I haven't stopped at a one this year. I would get heart palpitations when I saw signs! LOL! I actually have a garage full, so I'm trying to appease my hubby and try not to buy anymore. Thanks, Mona Kay, for stopping by my blog, too. Happy sale-ing!


  6. Oh no, please don't let any of my family know that there's a Garage Sale AA!! They'll make me go! Is it bad that I'm having a shed built for the over-flow?? Thanks for stopping by Lani :)

  7. Too funny!!! You pegged me Mona Kay! My other half cringes when he spots a garage sale sign. He just knows the next words that are coming out of my mouth. "Ooh ooh, pull over! I love it!