Saturday, July 17, 2010

Living Green - A Whole New Level

While I finally saw some signs for two different garage sales going on in Kendall Park this weekend (saw them Friday night), I have to admit, the heat kept me indoors this weekend. While I was visiting some of my favorite blogs (see my blog roll) on the left margin), and checking e-mail, I found a video clip which made me think about the different levels of living "green".

I have always thought that the use of garage sale and flea market finds is very "green" - it's recycling with immediate, or almost immediate gratification, depending on the amount of refurbishment required. For those of us who enjoy the refurbishing, it's an added bonus.

However this Yahoo video shows a green lifestyle on a whole different level. What do you think? Could you sacrifice the square footage??

Check it out...I'd really love to hear your thoughts!!


  1. Mona~

    I love this video! I once tripped upon this guy's website a while back and absolutely loved the idea. I did a blog some weeks ago about cashing it all in to go camping and buy an Airstream. I have been contemplating simplifying my life to enjoy life without all of the unnecessary extras. Glad to hear that others are thinking the same, definitely sounds like a move in the right direction. Great blog!!


  2. Thanks Elisa! I will look for that post on your blog. I have some idea from what I'm hearing and reading that "simplifying" is becoming more appealing to many people...the severe financial times first made it a necessity, but now many people seem to be re-thinking their priorities!

    Thanks for the compliment on my blog & stop by again!