Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pickin' in South Brunswick

While I'll certainly travel for a good garage sale (or sometimes, unfortunately, a bad garage sale), my own neighborhood had the best pickings this weekend! I found five houses with hardy folks braving the very sticky weather - even at 8am - to open up tables, unload boxes, and haul out furniture onto their driveways. I bought a great set of dishes at the first sale from Jo Ann and Donna:

I ran into these lovely ladies (below) at two garage sales in a row, and they were so much fun I just had to take their picture. LOVE the t-shirt!!

Oak Woods Senior Residence Tenants Association had a HUGE rummage sale. The proceeds of the sale benefit existing programs that serve the interests of senior citizens residing in the Oak Woods community. These nice women helped me when it was time to pay. I found a terrific chair which I can't wait to reupholster!

Oak Woods will host another rummage sale in the fall - I would mark your calendars as soon as it is advertised. Watch my blog, as they promised to contact me so that I could post the date.

Finally, I ended up on Fresh Ponds Road for a Barn Sale run by Peter and Richard Odato.

Peter and Richard have been collectors for 25 years, and have been on Fresh Ponds Road for the past three years. Walking through the outside and the inside of the barn is one of my favorite picking experiences. I'll be looking at something terrific, and when I stand back to get a different perspective, I notice something even more fabulous right next to it (or under it). It's SO much fun-a real picker's and collector's dream!

Just look at this vintage Hoosier cabinet!! It makes me wish I didn't have built in cabinets in my kitchen. I love all the vintage items around and in it as well. My sister Nadia was with me...we realized that our mother had the same red metal tray on top of the cabinet.

Don't worry, there's not a chance that I walked away empty-handed - here's Richard (left) and Peter carrying my "find" to my car...a gorgeous buffet with working locks and really pretty embellishments.

I'll leave you all with my sister's find - certainly my favorite!

I will post any garage sales that I find out about on Wednesday or Thursday. Please post a comment with your garage sale details if you would like to be included!
Have a great week until the weekend brings the next garage sale day. I'll see you out there!
Mona Kay


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I adore the buffet! Stunning! I'm sure those 2 ladies were at my garage sale I held in January... in 42deg heat! and they were fun! Monique xx

  2. yay for garage sales! I love them far too much, and it looks like you made out well :)

  3. your buffet....such pretty legs and the scallops are yummy.

    Warm blessings,

  4. Barn Run sales are always the best!

  5. The buffet is to die for....great find Mona Kay

  6. Mona just a fantastic blog here. Nice photos. I also liked you on Facebook. I really enjoyed stopping by. Wishing you much happiness and success.