Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Picker's Paradise!

I think this is the most fun I've had "saleing" so far this season...and it wasn't because of the great buys (although great buys were all over the place) it was because of the terrific people I met. What is it about garage sales that makes people so friendly? Maybe it's the camaraderie of exchanging "stuff"...things that one person no longer needs, that another person values...and the idea that our stuff will live on in someone else's life. Or maybe it's just the headiness of buying a metal table for $1.
I met this lovely lady at my first garage sale in Kendall Park. As usual, I spent more time chatting than looking...but I did buy the gorgeous metal wall hanging in the front of the picture.

I was on my way to Milltown when a bright red garage sale sign caught my eye, and I made a last minute turn. I'm glad I did, as I found a great elastic rhinestone bracelet and claimed it for a quarter.

Made it to Milltown, and what a FEAST!! There must have been 50 garage sales. I bought a terrific sketch of New Orleans (pre-Katrina) at one house, and a beautiful old porcelain-coated metal bowl at another. I spent quite a while talking to this gentleman about retiring as a dealer and collector. Aren't the paintings great? The furniture is from their garage sale - I craved it all, but I'm running out of room!

I did leave with this vintage metal tray. Wow!! I'm back in my mom's kitchen as a little kid. Raise your hand if you've seen this tray before!!

How vintage and fabulous are these chairs?? I truly need more storage, because I would have bought them in a heartbeat, if only I had space!

I bought a lamp and a patio table from this lovely couple. We got to talking, and they mentioned that they had some furniture in the garage which they could show me if I didn't mind waiting...they even gave me a cup of fresh-brewed coffee while I waited. Did I mention that I meet the greatest people at garage sales??

All in all, it was a truly satisfying Saturday. Please let me know what "finds" you scored this weekend...or simply how you spent your time!

Remember to let me know if you have any upcoming garage sale, rummage sales, flea markets, barn sales, etc., and I will post the details ahead of time on my blog.

'Til the next pickin' day...
Mona Kay


  1. Great score on that tray! I love hosting garage sales for the same reason - I always have fun and talk to so many interesting people. And it's a great way to meet shy neighbors too!

  2. I agree! One of the best parts of going to the flea & garage sales is talking with the folk selling their stuff. We came across a really great guy selling antique trunks last Saturday. He was weeding out his collection. He gave us a history lesson about them too!! I love your little vintage tray, we could combine yours & mine and throw a sweet party!