Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saint Augustine's Columbiettes Garage Sale

Note: While I typically post about events right after they occur, several factors, including illness, delayed this post. However, here it is...enjoy!

With spring and summer, comes garage sales, and with garage sales come sales for a good cause. These are my favorite! While Garage Sale Divas, Thrifters, Junkers, etc. are great people anyway, there's nothing better than getting such like-minded people together to support something worthwhile. The Saint Augustine’s Columbiettes of Kendall Park provided just such an opportunity two weeks ago.

From a member:

"Saint Augustine’s Columbiettes, of Kendall park, held a very successful garage and bake sale on Saturday, May 21 with the support of the South Brunswick community. What is unique is that all the items were donated and 100 percent of the proceeds will be given to a wide range of charities to help those in need. One of those to benefit will be a very special boy from the parish school, Edward Migliari, as his family is facing significant medical expenses resulting from his cancer.

The Columbiettes, is an almost-60-year-old Catholic women’s international organization affiliated with the Knights of Columbus. They are dedicated, caring women, committed to helping those in need as well as those serving our country in the military.

St. Augustine's Columbiettes will be celebrating their tenth anniversary this June 5th with a self-paid dinner at Pierre' Restaurant. During those ten years, they have raised thousands of dollars which were given directly to support many local folk in need for a variety of reasons as well as yearly scholarships to several students.

Their next fund-raiser is the Annual Spaghetti Dinner to be held in October."

They had a wonderful collection of items....I wanted to buy every single one of those painted signs! I also would have taken home all those lampshades if I hadn't remembered that I was tripping over a stack of them in my storage, still waiting for their refurbishing adventures. I did, however, buy a box of veneer for furniture repair, and some gorgeous porcelain blue and white floral (my favorite!) switch plates. Everyone was lovely and friendly...I hope they do another garage sale soon!

Have a great week...see you at next week's garage sales!
Mona Kay


  1. Hello Mona Kay! My middle name is Kay too!
    Thank you for leaving the nice comment on my blog, yes I am excited about finding the chandelier and it really is silver pewter all over, I think the picture just make it look kind of brassy.

    Love the vintage white dresser! I brake too lol

    I hope I am at the right, the link led me to your Etsy shop, so I hope this is right.

    Nice to meet you!

  2. Hi Mona Kay! thank you for your sweet comments.

    Hope you have good luck with your kitchen. I love galley kitchens, it's so much easier to find things and less walking around lol

  3. Hello!:) Im your newest follower~ I LOVE garage sales too!!! Hugs, Rachel

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