Saturday, May 14, 2011

Junking Karma

Like any rookie, I am still learning my way around the "junking world". I'm starting to know where to find the best stuff, what is timeless and what is trendy - who knew there were trends in "junk"? I'm learning where I can haggle, and where I can't (fundraisers, Goodwill shops). I learned early that junking people are nice, and that good manners can pay off in spades.

So this weekend when someone running an estate sale was a bit on the nasty side, I was taken aback, but I kept my temper (not an easy thing for me), and moved on. I hated to miss the cute little chair that I had spotted, but it was not meant to be. When the pursuit of an item stops being fun, sometimes even if I win the thing, I just never have a good feeling about it; it's so much nicer to enjoy the experience as well as the piece you fall in love with!

So I was surprised and delighted when I spotted a darling old chair at a garage sale in my neighborhood on the way home!! No Victorian tufted velvet, padded armed delicate piece.... I instantly fell in love with its character, its almost ugliness.

Imagine my astonishment when I saw the price!

The people selling it couldn't have been nicer; I stayed chatting after I made the purchase. They put it aside for me so that I could fetch my CR-V to load it up.

I don't even care how hideous the upholstery is so delightfully vintage, and VERY COMFY!! I curled up in it this morning with my coffee and nearly went back to sleep.

I believe in garage sale/thrift shop/junking karma, now more than ever. I try to be patient and polite, which is usually pretty easy, because like I said, "junking" people are nice! I'm amazed at how many times I have to forgo an item which has stolen my heart, only to find a different, sometimes better one around the corner....junking is just funny that way.

What has Junking Karma sent your way??

Mona Kay

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